Listed below are some of the most common questions we receive concerning our technology services. If you have a question that is not answered here, please let us know!


How do I get started?


By contacting us! We can help guide you through processes of creating a quality, value-added website for your business or personal use! Once you've contacted us, we will set up an interview session with you to:


  • Define the features you want for your website
  • Establish when you need your site completed
  • Estimate the approximate cost to create your website
  • Understand how your site can be managed once it is completed


Determining the features, time frame, and cost helps you decide the best approach for you or your organization. Regardless of your technical background, STS can help you understand what you need to create and manage your website!


What are the features for my site that I need to think about?


The features of a website can be broken down into three main areas:


  • How your site needs to look
  • What your site needs to do
  • The required pages for your site, as well as page content


From a marketing standpoint, how your site looks is just as important as the information your site contains! Attention needs to be paid to company branding, i.e., company logos, colors, and even text fonts.

Today, a website is capable of containing any number of features - from basic e-mail links to online stores! There are many websites that also need to store company information in a back-end database.

Most basic websites contain pages with marketing and contact information. However, there are a significant number of page types, ranging from a typical "Home" page to custom surveys and forms.

Defining the features of your website can be a challenge. STS can guide you through the process of deciding which features you need for your site! Let us help you today!


What will my website cost?


The short answer: Anywhere between $500.00 US Dollars and up.

The long answer: The cost of a website ultimately depends on its complexity, as well as when the site is needed. Factors that can add to the complexity of a site are:


  • Detailed graphics/artwork/page layout
  • Number of site features
  • Number of visitors
  • Number of pages/amount of page content


The mid-range cost to create a BASIC site falls between $1,000 - $4,000 US Dollars.

The cost can be significantly higher for complex website designs.

STS offers a basic starter package for $500 dollars. The package allows clients to have a basic website within 3 - 5 business days! Ask us about it!